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Admission Open in M. Phil. and Ph.D.-Singhania University
M.Phil Programme
City College” A division of City Education Foundation (P) Ltd.
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Associated with The Global Open University Nagaland, Sikkim Manipal University,Singhania University Rajsthan and Indian institute of ecology and environment New Delhi India.

Admissions to the M.Phil. Degree Course

Objective: The one year Distance Learning M.Phil Degree conducted in association with The Global Open University, Nagaland has been designed for enabling the Master’s Degree holders to acquire expert knowledge of research methodology and other advanced topics for being prepared to get registered in the Ph.D. Degree in the relevant Faculties.

Eligibility: Master's Degree in the relevant subject.
Duration: One and half year and maximum up to four year.
Distribution of Papers: There are three papers in M.Phil. Degree besides an M.Phil. Thesis to be submitted. Examinees will appear in First Semester Examination having one paper i.e. Research Methodology and in Second Semester Examination having two papers concerned with the relevant subject related to the M.Phil. Degree chosen.

M.Phil. Thesis: Examinees will submit the M.Phil. Thesis before appearing in the second semester examination.

Examination : To be conducted every year on 25-27 June and 29-31 December at Agartala, Aizawl, Allahabad, Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bareilly, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Dehradun, Dimapur, Delhi, Gangtok, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Imphal, Itanagar, Jaipur, Jamshedpur, Jammu, Kohima, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nepal (Kathmandu) Panaji, Port Blair, Patna, Pune, Ranchi, Shillong, Shimla, Srinagar, Trivandrum, Udaipur, Varanasi, Wokha. (More Centres may be opened).

Award: Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) Degree with specialization in the relevant subject shall be awarded to all the successful candidates by The Global Open University, Nagaland.

Teaching Methodology: The Spot Admission and Central Dispatch Unit will accord admission to the students and provide identity cards and lessons besides guidance and counseling on a continuing basis.

Medium of Instruction: The lessons are in English. However examinees can answer the questions and prepare the M.Phil. Thesis either in English or in Hindi. Study materials in Hindi are available by paying Rs. 1500 extra.

Tuition and Other Fee: The total fee for the one year distance learning M.Phil. Degree is Rs. 65,000 payable in three installments. The first installment of Rs. 25,000 is payable at the time of admission. The remaining two installments of Rs. 40,000 is payable after six months and after twelve months.
Accordingly, the Application Form duly filled-in along with four stamp size photographs, copies of certificates and mark sheets and a Bank Draft for the first installment of fee, i.e. Rs. 25,000 in the name of “city education foundation” payable at Kathmandu must reach the Director, city education foundation koteshwor 35 Kathmandu by registered/ speed post. The completed Application Form and other related documents and the first installment of fee may also be submitted at the Institute's Admission Counter on all working days between 10 am and 5.30 pm.

Examination Fee: An Examination Fee of Rs. 240 per paper is payable for appearing in the M.Phil. Examination.

The following M.Phil. Degree Programmes are being offered for enabling the Master’s Degree holders to complete M.Phil. Degree within one and half year from the date of admission / registration.
First Paper i.e. Research Methodology is compulsory for all M.Phil. Programmes.
The names of the remaining two papers to be studied for each of the following M.Phil. Degrees are mentioned in bracket:

M.Phil.Agriculture (Agricultural Policy of India, Agri-Biotech / Food Mgt.)
M.Phil.Agri-informatics (Agri-Informatics, Protein Sequencing / Plant Bioinfo)
M.Phil.Botany (Biodiversity, Plant Biotechnology / Environmental Biotech)
M.Phil.Biochemistry (Principles of Biochem, Ind. Biotech / Ind. Microbiology)
M.Phil.Bioinformatics (Bioinformatics Scenario, Structural Bioinfo/Genomics)
M.Phil.Biotechnology (Biotech and Society, Agri-Biotech / Pharma-Biotech)
M.Phil.Computer Science (Advances in Comp. Sc., Computer Vision)
M.Phil.Cosmetology (Cosmetology in India, Herbal Cosmetology / Beauty Sc.)
M.Phil.Commerce (Commerce for Dev., Fin. Analysis / Govt. & Business)
M.Phil.Chemistry (Computer Programming, Computational Chemistry)
M.Phil.Disaster Management (Disaster Mgt. Practices, Disaster Preparedness)
M.Phil.Education (New Trends in Education, Env. Edu. / Disaster Education)
M.Phil.Environmental Science (Env and Society, EIA / Global Env. Policies)
M.Phil.Ecotourism (Ecotourism Planning and Dev., Wildlife Tourism / GIS)
M.Phil.Electronics (Communication Engg., Consumers Electronics / E.Com.)
M.Phil.Entrepreneurship (History of Entrepreneurship, Bus. Mgt. / Social Work)
M.Phil.English (Literary Theory, Indian Writing in English / English in India)
M.Phil.Economics (Environmental Economics, Rural Dev. / Ind. Economy)
M.Phil.Fine Arts (Art Criticism, Graphic Design / Textile Design / Art Practices)
M.Phil.Fashion Tech (Fashion Design, Fashion Journalism / Fashion Modeling)
M.Phil.Geoinformatics (GIS, Digital Image Processing / Digital Cartography)
M.Phil.Geology (Remote Sensing, Petrology / Hydrogeology / Env. Geology)
M.Phil.Geriatric Care (Gerontology, Geriatric Diseases / Geriatric Security)
M.Phil.Geography (Geography Education, Political Gegraphy / Human-Eco. Aspects)
M.Phil.History (Medieval-Modern History, Ancient Culture / Peasant Movement)
M.Phil.Hindi (Past, Present and Future of Hindi, Globalization and Hindi)
M.Phil.Horticulture (New Trends in Horticulture, Social / Scientific Aspects)
M.Phil.Hospitality Mgt. (Hospitality Mgt., Health Food / Medical / Eco Tourism)
M.Phil.Home Science (Human Health, Human Physiology / Health Education)
M.Phil.Hospital Admn.(Health Care Practices, Computer Based Hospital Mgt.)
M.Phil.Human Rights (ABC of Human Rights, HR and Peace / HR Education)
M.Phil.Insurance Management(Insurance Business, Life / General Insurance)
M.Phil.Indian Diaspora (History and Culture, Literature, Arts and Films)
M.Phil.Intellectual Property Rights (IPR, Sc. & Tech., Global Scene of IPR)
M.Phil.Interfaith Studies (Interfaith Movement, Intolerance / Spirituality)
M.Phil.International Studies (Global Insurgency, Int. Trade / Int. Legal Framework)
M.Phil.Law (Public Law and Governance, Legal Practice / WTO / Gender and Justice)
M.Phil.Library Science (Library Planning, Public Library / Online Library)
M.Phil.Linguistics (Language Modeling, Phonology / Argumentation Theory)
M.Phil.Labour & Social Welfare (Labour Welfare, Social Welfare / Movements)
M.Phil.Medicinal Plants (Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology / TQM / Export)
M.Phil.Management/Bus. Admn. (Mgt.& Admn., HRM / Ethical Mkg. / Fin. Mgt.)
M.Phil.Mass.Comm. (Mass.Comm. in India, Print Media / E-Journalism)
M.Phil.Mathematics (Future of Maths, Ecology & Maths / Maths Forecasting)
M.Phil.Microbiology (Env. Microbiology, Agricultural / Industrial Microbiology)
M.Phil.Music (Music and Meditation, Music Therapy / Music Education)
M.Phil.Nanotechnology (Nanotech and Society, Nano Research / Education)
M.Phil.Peace Studies (Global Wars, Arms Control / Chem and Bio Weapons)
M.Phil.Pollution Control (Pollution Control Tech., Air / Water / Noise Pollution)
M.Phil.Population Studies (Pop. and Dev., Nuptiality / Morbidity / Child Health)
M.Phil.Physics (Comp. Prog., Computational Physics / Adv.Stat. Physics)
M.Phil.Political Science (Political Thought, Indian Politics / Women's Studies)
M.Phil. Psychology (Org. Behaviour, Clinical / Criminal Psycho. / Counseling)
M.Phil.Police Admn. (Police Reforms, Crimes against Women / Cyber Crime)
M.Phil.Pomology (New Trends, Fruit Growing / Processing / Economics)
M.Phil.Public Administration (Good Governance, Government Accountability)
M.Phil.Renewable Energy (New Energy Sources, R & D / Investment Opportunities)
M.Phil.Rural Development (RD & Panchayati Raj, Rural Banking / Gram Sabha)
M.Phil.Sanskrit (Sanskrit-A Global Language, Comp. Linguistics / Meditation)
M.Phil.Sports Science (Sports Sc. Scene, Research / Performance / Mgt.)
M.Phil.Social Work (SW in India, NGO Management / Govt. Support / CSR)
M.Phil.Sustainable Dev. (SD Policies, Climate Change / Greening / Wilderness)
M.Phil.Sociology (Politics & Society, Gender & Society / Globalization)
M.Phil.Statistics (Biostatistics, Reliability and Life Testing / Design of Experiments)
M.Phil.Technology Policy (Tech. Policy, Mgt. of Tech. / Political Economy / IPR)
M.Phil.TQM (TQM, Medical Services / Documentation / Automotive Components)
M.Phil.Urdu (Past, Present and Future of Urdu, Globalization / Spirituality)
M.Phil.Women’s Studies (Equality, Crime Against Women / Entrepreneurship)
M.Phil.Yoga (Philosophy of Yoga, Therapy / Yogic Cure / Globalization)
M.Phil.Zoology (Wildlife Biology, Fisheries / Toxicology / Entomology)

Submission of Assignments: All admitted students are required to submit their assignments for all the three subjects in fulfillment of the requirements of 30 marks each paper. For this, they have to prepare Mini Project Reports based on a topic of their choice in the light of the three subjects chosen by them in the M.Phil. Degree. Accordingly each student will be submitting three Mini Project Reports to be evaluated.

Submission of M.Phil. Thesis: The topic for the M.Phil. Thesis will have to be approved before starting the work of data collection and compilation. The Format for the approval of the M.Phil. Thesis will be sent to all the admitted students.

Selection of Supervisor / Guide: The students admitted in the M.Phil. Degree Programme will be preparing the M.Phil. Thesis under the expert supervision and guidance of the Supervisor / Guide locally available. It will be the duty of the student to locate the Supervisor / Guide. If it is not possible to have a local Supervisor / Guide for completing the research work, appropriate supervision will be accorded from the Headquarters for enabling the concerned student to continue with the M.Phil. Degree and to submit the M.Phil. Thesis in time.