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About School

About School in Nepal

School Profile
City English School, Kathmandu has been establish in the year 2052 (B.S.) with the view to provide quality and modern education to the children particularly who come from middle class having socio-economic background. The school also provides modern hosted facilities for children whose parents are not able to provide the required care due to their own business or profession. The hostel facilities have been appreciated by parents who stay abroad and their children are gaining better education even during their absence. The school also manages to support special care for week children. The main motto and slogan of this school is, “Provide quality education levying low fees”.

Teaching Staff

The school has made no compromise appointing teachers and always appoints professional, dedicated and punctual teachers who possess high level of language competency. The school has also recruited a separate teacher for extracurricular activities.

Academic Sector

Since the academic session 2052 (BS), the school has commenced the classes from Nursery and gradually reached to grade ten. The medium of teaching in English including compulsory Nepali as per required Students and all the teaching staff have been instructed to speak English within school premises and so do the parents to encourage them to speak English at home.


Every efforts have been initiated to ensure the best facilities for boarders to keep them feel comfortable academic environment, Maintain quality and hygienic food at reasonable cost is provide for the boarders. At the same time, to maintain the balance diet, non-vegetarian and special dishes will be managed.


The School will keep and feel children in a very hygienic environment as a precaution against illness. To support this part-time doctor visits as school consultant. Boarders having injuries or illness will be taken to hospital or clinic. If the case is more serious then the school will contact the parents/guardians and they will be asked to take responsibility.


Parents and guardians of the boarders are permitted to visit their children at school or hostel on every Friday 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM and Sunday 7:00 AM to 9:00AM. At other times parents are allowed to meet their day scholar wards only after the permission granted by the class teacher.


We shall ourselves the stadium facilities as much as possible. However until the pupils grow bigger, games such as carom, Ludo, Frishbee, Skipping rope, Badminton, Chess etc will be managed in school premises.


15 days holiday for Bada Dashain and 5 days for Tihar, 10 days for summer vacation and 15 days for winter vacation will be provides as holidays.


Children seeking admission for Nursery to upper classes will have to face an entrance test which carries a total of 100 marks comprising English 30, Math 30 and oral test for 10 marks. The first month of the New Year Baishak opening month is the time to get new admission.


White Shirt Sunday
Grey Pant Monday
Grey Shock Wednesday
Black Shoes Thursday

House Shirt
White Pant Tuesday
White Shoes Friday
White Shocks

Tie, Belt, Grey Sweater, and Grey Coat etc.

Science & Computer

There’s a science and a computer lab for classes three and above which contains varieties of scientific equipment and computers according to the syllabus. E –mail and Internet facilities are available for all the students.

General Information

All fees are to be paid by 10th or each Nepali month after which a late fee of Rs.1/- per day will be imposed. In case of withdrawal of a child pre-notification should be given to the principal’s office before one month.

The deposits fees will be returned at the end of the session (only those who are leaving the school) after the submission of bill of deposit. Parents/Guardians are requested not to let their wards bring expensive items to school. The school does not take any responsibility for loss of such items. Parents/Guardians are requested not to send any food and sweets to their children in hostel.

Code of Conduct

A true student of City School should be proud of his/her institute and show it by following code of conduct:

The primary duty of a student is to study.

Student ought to be regular and punctual in their classes.

Entrance to the premises is restricted without student’s ID.

Students cannot leave the institute premises without the prior permission of the principal and class teacher.

Students if found smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol and or drugs, will automatically invite rustication from the institute.

A student is liable to be expelled from the institute on the charged of indulging in fight with other student’s in or outside the indulging in fight with other student’s in or outside the institute.

A student can also be expelled if he/she shows any in disciplinary attitudes towards any teacher.
He / She is always expected to respect the elder / seniors.

Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

Gum chewing is strictly prohibited.

Be Clean and Tidy
One should always have one’s shirt buttoned, tie in place, hair done and shoes well polished.
Girls must wear knee-length skirts/trousers. One should not scatter papers on the floor and dirty the classrooms or the premises.

No form of make-up is permitted. Hairstyle should be simple and neat. Boys must not have long hair. Boys are not permitted to wear earring or caps at institute. If caught, may lead to serious punishment.
Girls may wear a pair of simple earrings and slim wristwatch.


About School in Nepal