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Dear Learner,

Thank you for your interest in the City Education Foundation & Research Institute (CEFRI) Koteshwor Kathmandu Nepal. Since its inception in 2052 B.S. (1996), the foundation has focused on providing high quality education to learners. Under this foundation we have to provide quality education through our City English School which are affiliated with Nepal SLC board, and conducted distance learning program in higher education through foreign open universities.

The most significant feature of education for mother earth protection in the twenty-first century is not so much what the French call li explosion scalier (pupil explosion), but the knowledge explosion, which has expanded the catchment areas of learning so fast that it takes only a few years now for the state of the art in any field to become obsolete. Different modes of communicating for advancement of knowledge are fast changing and becoming more sophisticated. In this technological era knowledge can be dispensed technologically and electronically. Teachers and formal school structures are becoming less important,

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